We create digital experiences that simplify people's lives.

What do you want to do?


We love the work others don’t see.

The services we provide span a lot more than just building websites. From data analysis to scoping and strategy, we’re just as passionate about the invisible ingredients that ensure the execution is 'bang on'. Whether it’s in your face or behind the scenes, everything is designed to drive you a return on investment.


Intricate solutions, beautifully executed.

It’s not just the technical side of things where we fit nicely into a niche. Our consultative approach is perfect for under-serviced industries like recruitment, manufacturing, SaaS or fintech. The more specialised the sector, the happier we are.


All gain. No pain.

You’re in safe hands with our business knowledge. Want to grow, reduce costs or improve brand experience? We help you do all three, thanks to deep knowledge and very safe hands. And we pride ourselves in making sure new relationships are absolutely pain-free.


We are expert-only.

Only working with the best means world-class solutions on demand. The model we use is highly disruptive. It starts with accomplished leadership, supported by a network of specialists who have outgrown their senior in-house positions. This curated network allows us to give you a proven approach and build an expert team that’s tailored to your needs.


We’ve been around the block.

We’ve been blazing trails in digital since before the dot-com-boom, from creating the first pizza ordering system for Domino’s to creating the first handset ordering system for O2.

Doing it as Square Owl since 2014, these days you’ll find us in Manchester’s digital hub, making all that expertise readily available to clients near and far.