CarFinance 247

CarFinance 247

UK's number 1 car finance broker

In 2016 CarFinance 247 were expanding exponentially and Square Owl were brought on board by 180South to help drive conversions. Leading to a 43% uplift in conversions.

Using an iterative approach to testing and optimising, we conducted user research both remote and in-lab to support the design stage, while using our vast experience to focus on conventional improvements across their core application form. When Google (Dublin) were brought in to cross review our results they said ....


  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • User Experience

The challenge

Working in tandem with the lead agency we needed a strategic data led approach to inform the design of the new website. We began the process of reviewing the current situation and focusing around core ROI driving processes.

After identifying the form as critical, we began gathering information through data analysis, in-lab user interviews and cognitive walkthroughs. This allowed us to create a strategy focused on making the sign up process as simple as possible.

Tactically, we implemented multivalent testing that would inform our strategic hypotheses which informed design improvements.

Rounds of testing continued with 'quick wins' to start gaining immediate uplifts while eventually settling down into month cycles of iterative testing to feed further gains in process optimisation against the specified metrics.

Treating data seriously

While 2016 was before the implementation of GDPR, we were still aware that we were gathering potentially sensitive user data. Factoring this in we ensured all our data was anonymised and our standards of data protection were high. This was especially important in this highly regulated industry.

Now with GDPR the norm, we have ensured we are fully compliment and insured for the work we carry out.

Creating a positive impact

We enjoy working alongside existing agencies and in-house teams to deliver the best results for a client.

Our data first approach has no bias, meaning we can work harmoniously with others based on take aways from the data and not personal emotions. Which is why we achieved a 43% uplift in conversions.