Digital People who care as much about your success as you .

We are fascinated about the work our clients do and thrive off the minutia of their worlds. Unlike a traditional digital agency, we don’t sell you a service – we work together.

Tell us your aspirations and we’ll work with you to create and execute a fully scoped strategic plan for digital revenue generation. Whether that focuses on your websites, conversion rate, or a broader strategic direction.

Our goal is to set your data free and utilise it to achieve maximum return on investment.


Here are some great reasons to work with our team:

  • We are always pushing to be the best at what we do

    Our unique operating model and network of digital specialists enables us to tap into a rich source of expertise across four key pillars – data analysis, digital optimisation, strategic consulting and product management. Constantly building on our knowledge to add value to our clients.

  • We thrive in regulated markets and under constraint

    After 25 years working in the digital consulting industry we understand clients must work within the limitations of their systems and often have regulatory trade offs, such as in Financial services. Taking a rational approach to these blockers, we’ve helped clients balance their needs with compliance, achieving with real-world results.

  • We make customers proud to use you

    Our certifications from Goldman Sachs, Human Factors International and Neilson Norman Group, show how seriously we take customer-centricity. Whether we are looking for opportunities in your data, creating the next high converting a/b test or mapping out your company’s digital direction.

  • We’re small, but perfectly formed

    Our collaborative approach with you, your existing internal teams and any existing agency’s, enables us to punch well above our weight. Our lean and agile approach means we can achieve the success you desire at a cost that will make you smile.

  • You’ll love our hyper flexible pricing structure

    Work with us and you’ll benefit from fair and realistic pricing and you won’t have to sign a contract. We’ve never needed them, our 98% client retention rate speaks for itself.

What we do in detail

At Square Owl, we don’t just offer the traditional digital agency services, we focus around digital strategic consulting, product management, digital analytics and conversion rate optimisation, but what does that actually mean?

Analysis & Data Services

  • Data gathering & analysis
  • Data Visualisation
  • Analytics Development
  • Complex data gathering
  • Complex digital analytics setup
  • Traffic analysis & reporting
  • Complex funnel management
  • Attribution scoring
  • Affiliate tracking
  • Data interpretation

Strategic Consulting

  • Digital Strategy development
  • Digital Strategy workshops
  • Goldman Sachs-certified Strategy creation
  • SOSTAC Strategy
  • KPI management
  • Strategy outlining
  • Strategic branding
  • Marketing Automation
  • Technical & Infrastructure consultancy
  • Digital Consultation
  • Persona research

Product Management

  • Specification
  • Product design
  • Product roadmapping
  • Feature Evaluation
  • Prototyping

Digital Optimisation

  • Conversion rate optimisation
  • User experience optimisation
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Process flow mapping
  • User Testing
  • Focus group research
  • A/B Testing
  • Multi variant testing
  • Data lead optimisation
  • Optimisation strategy
  • Ecommerce optimisation
  • NPR Scoring
  • Channel Optimisation
  • Heuristic product review
  • PET Design
  • Process optimisation
  • Prototyping

Our promise to you

We champion business growth through data, strategy and optimisation. We want to show you what data excellence looks like for your company, to help transform your business, deliver new efficiencies, and help you discover new revenue streams, products, customers and markets. Here is our six-point promise to you:

The Square Owl team will….

  • Reveal hidden opportunities to unlock value in your digital channels using data

  • Transform this vision into a fully specified technical brief, outlining the steps necessary for success

  • Hand-pick, brief and manage the experts your project requires from our carefully curated network

  • Deliver a bespoke end-to-end service, tailored to your needs, budget and deadline

  • Remain fully transparent, accountable and vocal throughout, offering regular updates in person and via the project management tools of your choice

  • Collaborate with passion and professionalism, fully integrating into your team.

It sort of just stuck and we think it sounds nice. Regardless, we don’t want to talk about ourselves, we want to talk about you. Give us a quick call, shoot us an email or stop by for a coffee on us.

Duncan Woodward, Managing Director

Telephone: 0161 883 7010
Linkedin: Square Owl